— happy birthday evie.

i remember when you were still in your mommy’s tummy and the first time i met you – i can’t believe that you are now one! happy birthday evie. and thank you to you and your beautiful mom for letting me take these pictures.



— vannessa + evie.

This post has been a long time in the making, but I’m so happy to be finally sharing it. This is not my typical session, but that is probably why its one of my favourites to-date. We don’t often think that we want the raw, natural side of ourselves photographed. To me however, these images are beyond beautiful. These images show to those who view them, a look at our true selves, unencumbered by make-up, fancy clothes or pretty shoes. They represent our day-to-day selves that we only ever share with those close to us. I thank Vannessa so much for letting me photograph her with her daughter Evie in their natural state. I love the moments that they shared together, the connection that they share without even speaking. This breastfeeding session made me rethink all the time and effort we sometimes put into getting ready for a photo session and remember those the so-called imperfections, the scars, and the marks that we might hide, are really in the end, a thing of beauty. Thank you for sharing in these moments with me and thank you Vannessa and Evie.




— cassy + andrew

here are just a few moments from this very special day. congratulations to my dear friends, cassy and andrew on their beautiful fall wedding. the day could not have been more perfect, especially because of all the friends and family that shared in their special day.


— lindsay

i wish i knew the precise words to truly explain the direction i want to take my photography, but as i grow as a photographer, i know the words will come. i’m certain that my upcoming trip to new york will be a further exploration of the type of artist i want to be, but for now, i want to thank my friend lindsay for being my muse for the evening to help me explore my artwork. i’m excited to share my favorite images from the evening, but for now, i wanted to share this one image, to set the stage. i unequivocally love the mood it represents.