— baby treb

…in colour. there were too many to choose from during this session, so here we go, with a few in colour. and i can’t believe this little one will be arriving in a few short weeks!


— erinn

the smile of a mother-to-be is like no other, and the smile on my new found friend (and brilliant blogger) – erinn, is no exception. i just love this image and the emotion i can feel behind her smile for both her husband and (i’m sure) thinking about holding her new baby-to-be. can’t wait to share more images from this session.

— shannon

It was definitely my pleasure to spend the evening with my friend, colleague, and fellow photographer, Shannon, who graciously agreed to spend the evening with me and my equally awesome photographer friend, Evan. Evan and I had some pretty crazy (and admittedly, brilliant) ideas we wanted to try during this maternity session and Shannon was willing to give anything a try! Shannon — thank you so much for an amazing evening and I hope you love the images as much as I do. And for those out there just starting to follow my blog, this is only part I of this amazing session. Evan and I also got to take a few photos with Shannon and her gorgeous son and husband. Can’t wait to share those images with you too.

— evening light

the light just isn’t this amazing every night — so we headed outside to enjoy the warm weather and took a few photos too. and might i just say, that little mister’s personality continues to shine though brighter each and every day. i just love this little guy.